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Do you have a skincare routine

If you don't, let me explain why you should.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and at times the most neglected.


A skincare routine - WHY?

You might be wondering, well what does that have to do with health? 

Well it has a lot to do with health because what we put in our bodies affects our skin.  Stress can also affect our skin.

There is a saying, 'you look good, you feel good'.  So if you have skin that has broken out in spots, just before a major event or acne, what do we do? 

Yes, immediately we do everything to cover it up. (well I guess, here I'm referring more to the ladies, because we cover it up with make up. 

While we are grateful that make up is a good cover up. What happens when we take it off?  We still have to look in the mirror.

What does a skincare routine look like?


    Daily Cleansing & Moisturising

    Daily - day and night

  • cleanse
  • tone
  • moisturise

What problems may occur if skin is neglected.

This can create a problem because it can affect us mentally. 

It lowers self esteem and cause mental health problems. 

The long term effects of this may cause anxiety and possibly panic attacks.

Skincare & Health - Explained

The long term effects of this may cause anxiety and possibly panic attacks.

This can be devastating for the individual.

The long term effect of anxiety and panic attacks may also lead to depression. 

Do you see the picture forming here of how this can affect our health?



night cream




carefully selected ingredients - that works while you sleep

Ethical and cruelty free products.

  • A healthy skin = a healthy life style
  • Healthy lifestyle - water, healthy diet, regular exercise, rest.
  • Daily & weekly routines.



Face oil only

 foundation, no filter


Skin care set

 no foundation, no filter


Products used


  Face oil 


Skincare set 

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EYE SERUM - Lift extreme

Skincare For Men

Some men also take an interest in their skin care and in some cases take care of their skin more than women. 

They have regular facials and have a skin care routine. 

If it sounds strange, it shouldn't because it's all part of self care which I will speak about later.





The SHARP formula:

S  Skin & Hair – a combination of organic sulphur, carotenes and xantophylls, enriched with bioelements in an organic form and vitamins.

A  Active support in creating essential elements of correct structure and pigmentation of the hair, skin and nails.

Herb-booster – an active combination which naturally supports hormone balance in maintaining healthy testosterone level in the blood. The formula is directly focused on libido, physical and mental activity, normal functioning of the muscles and the immune system.

A  Adaptation – a combination of reliable adaptogens, known for their possible effects on both physical and mental functions. Adaptogens support correct functioning of the nervous system and help maintain normal psychological functions.

R  Recovery – carefully selected doses of the most important and the most effective plant-based antioxidants help gradually restore normal functioning of men’s metabolism. The ingredients protect from oxidative stress, play an important role in the cell division process and normal functioning of the immune system.

P  Perception – a combination of the most effective extracts, amino acids, phosphatidylserine and nutrient microingredients focused on supporting normal functions of the brain, the nervous system, improving cognitive functions and concentration.




A serum for men with demanding and sensitive skin.

▪ After the first use, the face becomes smoother and firmer around the eyes

▪ Thanks to the caffeine content it reduces the visibility of eye wrinkles and decreases puffiness and dark circles

▪ It absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy film on the skin

▪ The innovative method of application ensures a

  • firms
  • smoothes
  • rejuvenates

Sun Protection

Skin must also be protected from the sun.


Manuka Honey

All natural ingredients used in all products.

Contains 96%  &  99% natural ingredients.

  • manuka honey
  • lychee 
  • coconut oil 
  • shea butter


Strawberry & Cranberry Body Peel

A wonderfully juicy and expressive peeling with the scent of strawberry and cranberry.

▪ Perfect smoothing properties and the power of cranberry particles ensure perfect smoothing and nourishment

▪ Removes dead epidermis, revitalises, firms, and gives the skin a glow

▪ The use of peeling improves skin complex, firms it, and provides adequate nourishment



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What you eat affects your skin.

Taking care of the inside of your body is also important.  What you eat affects your hair and skin.

Healthy eating should be a lifestyle.

If you haven't already, make a decision to have lifestyle change today.

I think I can safely say many of us have at some point in our lives experienced problems with our skin. 

If you thought about taking better care of your skin, but don't know how to.

Natural Oils

We can help you with your skincare routine. 

We will be happy to assist you.


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