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Food Supplements

We need food supplements to increase the lack of nutrients in the body.

The foods we eat or lack of it affect our mental and our physical health. This also includes what we drink.

This may seem surprising as we may have a type or types of foods that we have a weakness for.  Craving sugary foods is usually a sign that the body is lacking something. 

Food supplements can help to increase the lack of nutrients in the body.

Some foods can change our moods and make us irritable or even angry. When we experience these emotions often we are not aware of the change in our behaviour or may not be able to link the change in mood to that particular type of food. 

Food supplements should never be used to replace foods.

Keep your gut and blood healthy to avoid health problems. 

Food supplements can also help to change moods and cleanse the body of toxins.

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Lunch

Plant based pasta

Start your day right with a good healthy breakfast.

Include healthy foods throughout the day for lunch and dinner.

Food supplements are very good to supplement our diets if we are lacking in certain vitamins or minerals.



Black Seed may support metabolism and improve digestion, and published studies have shown that it may have a healthy effect on blood sugar levels.


REISHI (mushroom)

This helps to...

  • strengthen the immune system  improve the cardiovascular system 
  • help maintain proper blood cholesterol levels
  • a source of polysaccharides from reishi mushrooms and zinc supports the maintenance of normal cognitive functions
  •  based on the centuries-old tradition of ancient Chinese medicine
  • considered a source of longevity


  •  ability to reach hardly accessible areas
  • constitutes a perfect supplementation of your daily care 

  •  allows a comprehensively look after the hygiene of your teeth, gums and tongue.
  •  effectively eliminates the unpleasant smell, ensuring an instant feeling of freshness.
  • enriched with precious colloidal silver and natural eucalyptus oil.

It does not contain any alcohol or fluorine.

Negative thoughts and emotions become toxic in the body, if these thoughts and emotions are not released from the body and remain there over a period of time, may cause health problems.


Inner Balance

It is good practice to cleanse your body on a regular basis to help it to function well.  Especially if you are taking supplements for the first time.

The best source of key micro-elements for those who lead a stressful and an unhealthy lifestyle, experience fatigue and eat products that acidify the body, such as: sugar, coffee, alcohol and heavily processed foods.


Detox Tea

• perfectly supports your body's natural cleansing processes of metabolic waste products

• creates an aromatic infusion that combines delicious taste with beneficial properties

Food supplements for all the family.


Cruelty free


  •  supports the proper functioning of the circulatory, immune and nervous system
  •  It Has a positive effect on metabolism
  • It has anti-aging properties 


Beauty Detox

Spirulina is a blue green algae.

Spirulina is a super food.

It purifies the blood.

Did you know our bodies are made up of mostly collagen? Our skin, hair, nails, bones, organs...

THE FOOD SUPPLEMENT DOES NOT CONTAIN: • pork gelatine (developed on the basis of pectin) • peanuts, soy or milk • artificial colourants, aromas or preservatives • added sugar 


Most people today have a magnesium deficiency. 

Our bodies receive magnesium from leafy green vegetables, avocados, black beans,  yoghurt/kefir, grains, herbs, pumpkin seeds, almonds, figs, bananas and dark chocolate.

Unfortunately, we do not receive all the nutrients we need from the foods that we eat.

Start your health journey. 

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Vegan Pasta

  • gluten free
  • sugar free
  • fat free
  • grain free
  • soya free


Plant based

Ethereal Skincare

The fitgym program

Ethereal Health

Food supplements should never be used as a replacement for foods.  They should be used as a supplement only.

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