Stress and Health

Stress and Health

What is stress?

Stress and health are connected.

Stress is the bodies reaction to emotional, physical and mental pressure or issues.  If stress is prolonged over a period of time, this will affect our bodies physically.

There's good stress and bad stress.

Stress over a period of time can lead to other health issues. 

Anxiety is sometimes related to stress.  An extreme stressful situation over a long period of time. 

Social anxiety is feeling of mistrust and being judged by others, this also includes fear of surroundings. 

Depression not having an interest or being overly exhausted with loss of interest in daily activities and hope.  Loss of interest in physical appearance.  

Stress & Physical Health

Physical exercises can be a great stress relief.

Involves some form of exercise. There are several different types of exercises that's suitable for all levels of fitness and age including ability specific. 

Our bodies produce endorphins during exercise

It's important to eat well.  At times when we are stressed, we may forget to eat, in some cases experience loss of appetite.

Herbal teas are great too.

Harmony Black Tea

Serenity Tea (rose petals)

Good healthy eating habits is a very important source  for our health.  What we put in our bodies effects our overall health.  This includes behaviours, energy and our physical bodies. Good nutrition is vitally important for proper functioning of the body.   

Work related issues may lead to feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Our wellbeing in our place of work is also important because it affects our ability to perform well and produce good work.  If we are not performing well, it can lead to low self esteem.

Spiritual journey is an individual choice and may help to relieve stress.

Stress & Therapy

It is a personal preference depending on where the individual is at on their journey.

Is a personal preference depending on where the individual is at on their journey.

If you are feeling stressed, sad, overwhelmed or experiencing challenges, and need someone to talk to - click on the button below to book an appointment. 

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Therapy is a positive way to off load feelings and thoughts that cause stress.

Sometimes the burden can be so much that talking to someone outside of that environment is the only way out to allow healing to take place.

Stress & Supplements

Supplements can be taken to help to reduce stress.

Ashwagandha may reduce

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression

Stress & Skincare

Stress can also affect the skin causing a "breakout" (rashes or spots).

Stress & Self Care

Remember your self care routine, to reduce your stress levels.

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