Self Care

Why Self Care

What is self care?

Self care is taking care of your mental, emotional and physical health by doing a series of practical things that will keep you functioning.  

Self care should be included in your daily routine.  Skincare should also be included in your routine because it is a part of your self care.

The skin is the largest organ in our body and therefore should not be neglected.

What will this look like?

Using different methods to improve or increase mood, reduce anxiety and avoid falling into a depressive state of mind.

Will it be the same for everyone?

No, we're all unique with different needs and thought processes.  What may work for one person may be inappropriate or even not effective to someone else.

For example, some people may find nature, relaxing and therapeutic.  A place to unwind.

Where as others may find it boring and would prefer to do something more active like play a sport or go to the gym and be with other people.

Whatever works for you is fine.  The important thing is to release stress, negative thoughts and emotions, because these are toxic to the body.

Listed below are some recommendations.



walking - long walks, brisk walks

sitting in a park

walks in the park


listening to music



relaxation/breathing exercises 


pilates (a type of exercise that includes stretching in slow and controlled movement)



sleeping - short/regular naps

stay hydrated - drink enough water

watch something funny - laughter is good medicine

Did we talk about food?

Yes, some foods can affect your mood. 

Some foods can increase your energy and your mood.

Usually known as superfoods.

Yes, you know the ones!

Some are listed below. 

Take care of yourselves - burnout is not a pleasant experience.